The Resume Queen's Job Search Thesaurus and Career Guide for iPods/iPhones

ONLY $4.95

* Complete book text in iPod Notes format

* Listen to your own tunes in the background while reading this book on-screen, and working on your resume

* Automatic installation to your iPod

* Very easy navigation by using the iPod thumb wheel. Click on CENTER button to select and MENU button to go back. It's fun, easy and always with you.

iPod Requirements: Text will work on all third generation or newer iPods (sold since April, 2003.)
Firmware: Version 2.0 or later. This includes the new Video, Nano, click-wheel iPod, iPod Mini and the "no moving parts" iPods with the buttons above the wheel and the dock connector on the bottom and third generation or newer iPod with only the wheel.

iTunes Requirements:  Version 7.0 or later

Computer Requirements:

Windows 2000 or XP, Vista
Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later
Hard Disk: 5 MB of available hard disk space.

Comes with complete download / installation instructions.

iPod version only